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To assist you to participate fully in Sunday worship here is an outline of what you would normally expect to happen.

Our service is divided into three or four main sections.

I. The Gathering of the People of God

a. We stand to sing as the Elder of the Day carries in the Bible and lights the Christ candle (Christ is the Word of God and the Light of the World). The minister or other worship leader then calls the people to worship.

b. Songs are from the red Together in Song book (TIS), or the smaller black-covered Song Book (SB). The numbers are listed on the board on the wall, and, on most Sundays, on a PowerPoint slide projected on the display screen.

c. Prayers are offered, which may include a prayer of confession in which we acknowledge that we live in a broken world. We are reminded that it is specifically this broken world that God loves, and that with God there is always the offer of new life, a fresh start. Having heard that we are at peace with God, we are sometimes invited to share that peace with each other.

d. On the second and fourth sundays of a month (and occasionally others), after the Early Word, the children are invited to move to the foyer for a special activity, usually based on one of the day’s readings.

II. The Service of the Word

a. Up to three bible Readings and a psalm (the latter often responsively) may be read.

b. A sermon or some other reflection on the readings is given.

c. We respond with an Offering of money (symbolising the offering of our lives)* and Prayers of the People followed, except on a Holy Communion Sunday, by the Lord’s Prayer. If the Lord’s Prayer is not shown on the screen, it may be found inside the back cover of Together in Song. You are welcome to pray the Lord’s Prayer in your own language.

III. Holy Communion

         On the third Sunday of the month. All are welcome at Christ’s Table (children gather around the Table with the rest of the congregation).

IV. We are sent out with God’s blessing  to live as God’s people. We respond to the blessing with a song as the Elder leads us out carrying the Bible.

*If you would like information about weekly offering envelopes or direct debit, please speak to the steward on duty